Aug 26

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Obama’s first year

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago.


As midterm elections approach, many politicians are running based on the public perceptions based around Obama’s first year.

Luckily, Newsweek senior editor Jonathan Alter visited the NCC in June of 2010 to discuss his latest book, “The Promise.”

“A lot of scoring happens in the first quarter,” said Alter noting that Obama’s first year was unlike any other president’s in history.

Alter then gave never-before-heard behind the scenes about the Obama administration including:

  • Which cabinet member is too good at golf to play with Obama.
  • What high ranking official got down on one knee to beg for legislature.
  • The defining moment of the campaign that even impressed Republicans.

Listen to the entire event (running time 1:06) by clicking the play button here:

Or watch below to see Alter speak about the initial failed outreach to Republicans:

Later, Alter described the defining moment of the campaign that even impressed then-president George W. Bush.