Sep 22

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Our latest exhibit. Plus, is the Constitution stylish?

Posted 3 years, 7 months ago.


Welcome to “In the News” our weekly roundup featuring the National Constitution Center’s press coverage from all around the world.

The National Constitution Center’s 2010 Liberty Medal ceremony garnered headlines across the country and around the world as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair accepted the prestigious award from his good friend and fellow world leader President Bill Clinton, Chairman of the Center.

It was a big week at the Center as we also celebrated Constitution Day on September 17th with an unveiling of our secret delegate. And, on Tuesday, we opened our latest exhibit, Art of the American Soldier, to members and the media. To the headlines:

Blair accepts 2010 Liberty Medal – A locally focused recap of all the festivities from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

We, the people, cheer Constitution’s birthday – Thanks to highly contentious Supreme Court decisions and pundits like Glenn Beck, the Constitution is in style says the Washington Times. In the past, says the story, the constitutional debate was focused on individual rights. Now, however, the debate is mostly centered around “structural issues” around the limits of government power.

Blair receives US Liberty Medal for N. Ireland effort – The BBC compares the U.K. reaction to Blair’s medal to the U.S. reaction.