Oct 4

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Americans are angry at Wall Street, Congress

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago.


Just like the Constitution itself, people all around the globe are discussing the National Constitution Center. Follow us as we take a look at the Center’s appearance in news outlets around the globe last week.

Dems try to deflect voter anger toward Wall Street – With midterm elections on the horizon, candidates are sparring over allegiance to the financial sector.  Bankers and financiers ranked last in the recent National Constitution Center-Associated Press poll that tested public confidence in national institutions.

Rove forecasts low youth turnout, GOP victories – Karl Rove predicts low youth voter turnout during midterm election event at the National Constitution Center. We’ll have more on this later in the week.

National Constitution Center exhibition shows war through the eyes of artists – Described by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “a magnificent new exhibition,” Art of the American Soldier made its world debut at the National Constitution Center on September 24.

The Art of War: The National Constitution Center assembles 90 years of paintings, straight from the front lines – In reference to Art of the American Soldier, City Paper says, “There are few better gifts to offer the tens of thousands of soldiers now returning home from Iraq.”

The most famous art collection nobody’s ever heard of – USA Today answers the question, “Why not document the war through photographs?”  According to Master Sgt. Martin Cervantez, the Army’s current artist in residence, “When photographers shoot, it’s a true statement.  But the artist can catch moments we wouldn’t catch if we were just taking photos.  We can present the totality of the emotion.”