Oct 5


Rove hoped Obama could break lack of civility in politics

Posted 3 years, 6 months ago.


When he visited the Center last week former Bush Chief of Staff Karl Rove touched on a variety of issues, including the Tea Party and national debt.

However, as midterm elections heat up there is no better man to ask about the strategy of party politics then Rove, who helped lead the Bush administration to two consecutive terms of office in the 2000s.

We asked Rove about the divisiveness in today’s politics and if he can ever see a day when the two sides of the aisle work closely together.

“Once you start excoriating each other … it’s hard to break that habit,” said Rove.

“Bush would never allow us to respond in kind. I was hopeful that Obama would be able to change to the tone. But the attacks on [John] Boehner are beneath the dignity of the office,” said Rove.

See his full response below.