Hamilton, Madison and John Jay on the elections

Just like the Constitution itself, people all around the globe are discussing the National Constitution Center. Follow us as we take a look at the Center’s appearance in news outlets around the globe last week.

Midterm Cramming – Looking for a crash course on the midterm elections before heading to the polls tomorrow? Visit the National Constitution Center, where guests of all ages can delve into the hot topics of this election season, the most controversial races, and the key role that every citizen plays in elections.

The Federalist Papers’ insights still resonate today – Dr. Steve Frank, Chief Interpretive Officer for the National Constitution Center, and the man behind our Publius 2.0 blog series, offers insight into Election Day through the lens of the Federalist Papers.




  1. Don Mechlin says

    Hi Steve: I enjoyed your Op Ed of today re: Federalist Papers vs today. I wonder if the concept of statesmanship has been lost in the viputerative yelling from both sides. I feel that Jon Stewart put his finger on the solution; that of decency and respect for each other to offer concession and compromise for the greater good. His analogy of how traffic manages a lane merge is spot on. Did Madison et al have any similar analogy in their day?

    Don Mechlin, Philadelphia

  2. Steve Frank says

    Hi, Don – Thanks for your comment. I think statesmanship is as much of an ideal as it was in Madison’s day. The question is what prevents it from becoming a reality. Jon Stewart put his finger on one of the reasons: the 24-hour cable “conflictinator.” But I don’t think it’s just the media we have to blame. There are other structural impediments that make it hard for us to elect the “statesmenlike” leaders we need: gerry-mandering, the influence of special interests and other obstacles in the way of a better functioning democracy. The Constitution Center is going to be presenting a public forum on the topic on March 26. Mark it on your calendar. I hope to see you there.