Can We Talk? Your thoughts on the government shutdown

Though the country avoided a government shutdown, we continued to ask our visitors this weekend: Why should the government avoid shutdown? What impact would a shutdown have on our country? Some of our favorite answers are below.

Even though the government is keeping its lights on, let us know how you feel about the shutdown and the state of civility in our government by tweeting the hashtag #shutdown or letting us know on Facebook.




  1. Dasher521 says

    I think it is disgraceful, both at the Federal level and the state levels, that legislatures cannot get budgets competed on time. I would like so see the laws changed so that members of Congress and their staffs would have their pay stopped and forfeited while there is no budget. I would also like to see the all benefits, including health care, stopped while there is not budget. This would give a great sense of urgency to do their jobs and get a budget approved in a timely fashion.

    In the most recent instance, I was very disappointed in the the media. The immediate story was about who “wins” and who “loses”. They should not be focusing on “winners and losers”.