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Are you smarter than a twelfth grader? A back-to-school quiz

Posted 2 years, 7 months ago.


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Earlier this summer we told you about the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which tests students in the fourth, eighth and twelfth grades to determine their proficiency in a variety of subjects, including U.S. History.  For fun, Constitution Daily posted a few questions from the Eighth Grade History test, just to see how our readers measured up to America’s youth.  You all did pretty well, so this being back-to-school season, we’ve decided that it’s time for more of a challenge.

Below you will find a selection of questions from the 12th Grade History Test. Give it a try and see how well you remember those high school Social Studies classes.  Just remember, no cheating!

Jenna Winterle is the Public Programs Coordinator at the National Constitution Center.  She has worked with students and teachers at all levels, presenting the Center’s educational programs both at the Center and in schools.



  1. Test your knowledge by taking a 12th grade history quiz. Can you get a passing grade?

  2. I’d like every member of the Congress to take this, online, in real time, and esp all those in the undercover fanatic wing of the GOP, also know as the “tea” “party” caucus. And then every GOP candidate for President. Now THAT would be fun.

  3. Hard questions.

  4. I can tell u with out even looking @ that test. I will NOT pass… Didn’t exactly go to the best high school in Philly..

  5. Awesome Quiz Jenna!

  6. Lisa, any particular reason you think only GOP candidates should take it and not ALL candidates?

  7. I have been out of high school a long time. ButI got 9 out of 10. These are important facts for all tounderstand.

  8. If we could get every student in America to spend 5 minutes every school day taking a 5-question brain-teaser patterned on this one, the new generation of citizens coming of age would be far better prepared to run the country than are most of their elders.

  9. This caused a sensation/uproar in my office. You knew people were taking it based on the frustrated mutterings coming from their offices.

  10. I’m surprised I got 80% though. The answer to question 6, “The 14th amendment has been most important in protecting the…” is incorrect, however – “legal rights of corporations” is not even an option.