Presidential Madness: the Sweet 16 (part one)

Welcome to Presidential Madness Round Two. This year we’re determined to figure out which fictional commander in chief would make the best real-life president.

We still have a few polls open from the previous round in our “Southeast” bracket. Go make your voice heard there before polls close tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are eight fictional presidents who made the cut to the second round, all from the “west” portion of our bracket which you can download here. Some highlights from Round One:

– “Dave Kovic” from Dave was the only president to hold his opponent to zero votes.

– By a factor of 20, our readers think President David Palmer was the better president in “24”

– “The President” from the 2000 remake of “Fail safe” beat out the 1964 version.

And now to the next matchups.

David Palmer from “24” vs. Mackenzie Allen from “Commander in Chief”

Dave Kovic / Bill Mitchell from “Dave” vs. Thomas Whitmore from “Independence Day”

“The President” from “Fail Safe (2000)” vs. Mays Gilliam from “Head of State”

Merkin Muffley from “Dr. Strangelove” vs. James Dale from “Mars Attacks”

Return to Constitution Daily later this week for the rest of the Sweet 16 and keep track of the tournament competition on our Presidential Madness page.