Constitution Hall Pass: Go inside the presidency

Want to really understand how America wound up with a president? And what the Founding Fathers thought a proper president should do on the job? Watch a fun video and find out.

Constitution Day 2012: The Presidency is the latest episode of Constitution Hall Pass, the National Constitution Center’s free webcast and live chat series.

Just in time for the 2012 election, this engaging, interactive lesson traces the history of the American presidency and features a special introduction by ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos—former adviser and communications director for President Bill Clinton. Join constitutional experts and the Center’s education staff to explore why it was important for our young nation to have an executive branch, and why nevertheless some people were worried about giving it too much power. We’ll also take a trip to a very special location in America’s presidential history. We’ll be hailing to the chief as we ring in the Constitution’s 225th anniversary!

You can watch the entire 22-minute video at the following link and get the inside scoop on  the presidency.

Full Video:

In addition, if you are an educator, our Constitution Day website has lots of free resources you can use.

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