Pop Quiz: Most famous presidential debate quotes

We expect the zingers to fly at Wednesday night’s presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Let’s test your knowledge of memorable debate quotes, many of which were unscripted.

Presidential debates have been a fact of political life since 1960, when Democratic contender John F. Kennedy leapfrogged Richard Nixon in the polls with a strong debate performance on live television in their first debate.

Few people remember that Nixon won the following two debates and was even with Kennedy in a final 1960 debate.

Since then, candidates passed on debates in 1964, 1968 and 1972, and it was Gerald Ford who revived the presidential debate in 1976 in its current format.

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Pop Quiz: Most famous presidential debate quotes
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While candidates spend days scripting remarks and preparing for response, it is often the unscripted comments that are enduring.

For example, Ronald Reagan acknowledged after his lone 1980 debate with then-President Jimmy Carter that he made up his famous “there you go again” zinger on the fly. It  became one of the most famous remarks in debate history.

Reagan was a polished public speaker who was comfortable in front of the camera. But that hasn’t been the case with other candidates.

Let’s see if you can pass a basic quiz on some very famous presidential debate quotes.

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