Presidential Madness (The Finals): Pick the best Cabinet member ever!

Our contest to pick the favorite presidential Cabinet member of all time is down to two members of President George Washington’s team: Alexander Hamilton and John Adams.


Adams and Hamilton.

Hamilton was picked over Thomas Jefferson, and Adams edged out former secretary of war Henry Stimson in the semifinals of our competition.

Hamilton was the nation’s first treasury secretary, and Adams was the first vice president.

The winner gets the first seat at a “dream team” Cabinet table consisting of the following members, as selected by Constitution Daily readers:

Vice president (historical): John Adams
Vice president (modern): Al Gore
Secretary of state (historical): Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of state (modern): Hillary Clinton
Secretary of war (historical): Henry Stimson
Secretary of defense (modern): Caspar Weinberger
Attorney general: Robert Kennedy
Secretary of the treasury: Alexander Hamilton

You can vote in the poll below until Tuesday morning, when we will reveal the winner.

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