Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton: The bipartisan odd couple

They weren’t exactly Felix and Oscar from Neil Simon’s play The Odd Couple, but Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton became confidants in the early 1990s in a remarkable presidential friendship. When President Nixon died in 1994 at the age of 81, after a brief illness, the current president, Clinton, extended full state honors to Nixon […]

Does poll comparing Congress to STDs go too far?

A left-leaning pollster is making headlines by comparing Congress to sexually transmitted diseases, root canals, and Brussels sprouts in its latest survey. The firm Public Policy Polling also made headlines in the 2012 election when it came in as the eighth-most accurate pollster, among 28 polling firms, when the presidential election was settled between Barack […]

Live stream: From Emancipation to the Great Migration @ WNYC

In partnership with The Greene Space at WNYC and WQXR, the National Constitution Center presents this compelling conversation to honor the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation. Watch the live stream here (beginning at 7 p.m. EST). Join Pulitzer Prize-winning author Isabel Wilkerson, scholar Dr. Khalil Muhammad, and historians Dr. Eric Foner and Dr. Jim […]

Constitution Check: Is the U.S. House of Representatives unrepresentative?

Lyle Denniston looks at the complicated issue of gerrymandering, and what constitutional issues lie ahead for the process of drawing up congressional districts to favor a political party. The statement at issue: “As a new Congress convenes, it has become an unquestioned truth among Republicans that their party has as much of a mandate as […]

Five presidential cabinet nominations that were rejected

President Barack Obama faces a tough nomination process for his proposed defense secretary, Chuck Hagel. But if the past is any indicator, a Senate rejection would be historic in many ways. Hagel faces vocal opposition from senators from both political parties. However, it’s rare for the Senate to actually reject a cabinet nominee in a […]

Michelle Obama: Future presidential candidate?

Actor Samuel L. Jackson recently came out as a supporter of Michelle Obama as a presidential candidate. While the first lady has expressed no interest in elected office, the idea has some fascinating angles. Jackson, who supports liberal causes, told Newsweek in December that Obama was “superwoman” and could hold any office she wants. Another […]

How John Boehner got his job (again)

On Thursday, Representative John Boehner of Ohio was once again chosen as speaker of the House of Representatives. So how exactly did that happen? No, we’re not talking about the politics behind Boehner’s narrow victory–although that’s certainly worth talking about–but the process. Boehner’s re-election by his constituents didn’t guarantee he would maintain the top post […]