How John Boehner got his job (again)

On Thursday, Representative John Boehner of Ohio was once again chosen as speaker of the House of Representatives. So how exactly did that happen? No, we’re not talking about the politics behind Boehner’s narrow victory–although that’s certainly worth talking about–but the process. Boehner’s re-election by his constituents didn’t guarantee he would maintain the top post […]

House may read “P.C. version” of Constitution again

Buried in the orders of business for the 113th Congress is another potential controversial reading of an edited version of the Constitution on the House floor. House Resolution 5 says that Speaker John Boehner “may recognize a Member for the Reading of the Constitution on any legislative day through January 15, 2013.” When this first […]

Utah’s very interesting path to statehood

On this day in 1896, Utah became the 45th state, after numerous attempts over nearly 50 years to achieve statehood. Between 1847 and 1868, about 60,000 Mormon emigrants traveled across the country, most on foot in handcart companies. When the initial company arrived in what is now the Salt Lake Valley, their leader, Brigham Young, […]

Chris Christie hits nerve with anti-Congress rant

New Jersey’s outspoken governor, Chris Christie, shocked even long-time followers with his rant against Congress and House Speaker John Boehner. Did the presumptive presidential candidate put his foot in his mouth, or just say what a lot of Americans are thinking? Christie and other political leaders in New York and New Jersey went ballistic on […]

Clinton soars, Palin plummets in most-admired survey

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sets a record in Gallup’s annual most-admired survey, while Sarah Palin falls farther off the popularity radar. Gallup has run its most-admired man and woman survey since World War II, and in the 2012 edition, Clinton and President Barack Obama kept their top positions among those asked a simple question: […]

NCAA’s power at heart of Corbett’s lawsuit over Penn State

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is taking the National Collegiate Athletic Association to federal court in a case that could have far-reaching effects beyond the Penn State child-abuse scandal. Initially, there were reports that the state would challenge the NCAA directly on federal antitrust grounds, and while that may happen at some point, officials only said […]

Constitution Check: Do profit-making corporations have religious rights?

Lyle Denniston looks at one company’s claim it has religious rights that exempt it from the Affordable Care Act’s requirement for free birth-control services. The statements at issue: “This Court has not previously addressed [religious freedom] or free exercise claims brought by closely held for-profit corporations and their controlling shareholders alleging that the mandatory provision […]

Fiscal cliff part 2 coming in late February

The Senate and the House have passed a compromise bill on the fiscal cliff, averting tax hikes for many Americans. But there’s more drama coming in February, since the bill dodged two big issues. The House passed the bill on Monday night, before a new set of lawmakers convenes the 113th Congress. The Senate version […]

America to jump off fiscal cliff, but not hit ground

Despite an apparent last-second fiscal cliff deal in the U.S. Senate, the House won’t vote on the budget package on New Year’s Eve. Also, President Obama’s comments on Monday upset some key GOP leaders. Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hammered out most of the details in an agreement on Monday […]