Ben Franklin’s best inventions and innovations

In his day, Benjamin Franklin was Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Mark Zuckerberg, and Henry Ford, all rolled into one. Here’s a look at his most enduring innovations and inventions on January 17, Ben’s birthday. Like the above-mentioned people, Franklin invented his own widely used devices, or found innovative ways to improve on other people’s inventions. […]

Executive orders: How past presidents used them

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama issued 23 executive orders as part of his anti-gun-violence program. But what’s an executive order–and can Congress override one? According to, the federal government’s official portal, “presidents use executive orders to direct and manage how the federal government operates.” The order is a directive from the president that has […]

Social media, outreach part of Obama gun-law campaign

President Barack Obama will introduce a package of proposed laws and executive orders about gun control on Wednesday, as the debate over the Second Amendment heads to Congress. Some details are out about the announcement, as well as the grassroots plans to get lawmakers opposed to the measures to change their minds. The president asked […]

“Intoxicating Liquors”: How the Volstead Act led to Prohibition corruption

Put away your lagers, your cocktail shakers, and your martini glasses. Prohibition is now in effect. On January 16, 1919, the 18th Amendment of the Constitution was ratified. After decades of steadily growing in its political influence, the temperance movement had succeeded in prohibiting the sale, manufacture, and transportation of “intoxicating liquors” throughout the United […]

Setting some limits on gun rights

Whatever awaits the Obama administration’s planned campaign to reduce gun violence across America, Second Amendment advocates are sure to bring lawsuits to challenge virtually anything that emerged from Congress, or from direct White House orders. The Supreme Court could be a major player in this, perhaps as early as its next term starting in October. […]

Constitution Hall Pass: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saw himself as a servant of humanity and wanted his life to be remembered as a life of service to others. Today marks Dr. King’s birthday on January 15, 1929. In this episode of the Constitution Hall Pass, we look at Dr. King’s legacy of service and explore how his […]

When presidential inaugurations go very, very wrong

As Constitution Daily counts down to Inauguration Day,  we look back at three presidential ceremonies from the 1800s that ended very badly. Usually when historians recount the pomp and circumstances of swearing in a new president, it’s the stirring speeches, the dramatic balls, and the swelling parades that are recounted. But like any large public […]

Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie far from 2016 presidential shoo-ins

A recent poll from Public Policy Polling shows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie as leading candidates for the 2016 presidential race. But if polling trends since the 1970s hold true, their nominations are far from settled. In the poll released last Wednesday, Clinton would defeat Christie with 44 percent […]

Is middle finger protected by the Constitution?

A New York man, angry about a speed trap, extended his middle finger to the police officer to express his displeasure, and was subsequently arrested. So how is the man protected by the Constitution? The police officer, who apparently has never visited a playground, or watched television, or had any human interaction, said that he […]