Featured Guest Blogger Sarah Hinchliff Pearson

Speaking from the Shadows: How the Internet Has Changed the Meaning of “Anonymous” The First Amendment right to speak anonymously is well-established, and, at various times throughout American history, it has protected some of the most important speech in our political discourse. But anonymous speech also has a dark underbelly, which has been transformed and […]

Register to vote in 4 steps

I’m ready. I’ve been cramming for this Midterm for the last few days. I’ve researched all the players, I’ve checked all their records, I’ve picked my team. I’m ready to vote. These are the elections that can set the stage for a huge power struggle between the executive and legislative branch or set it up […]

Should Airport Security Officials be Able to Search the Content of Your Phone and Computer Laptop?

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Says “No” A recent article in Legal Times outlined a Fourth Amendment claim against airport security officers for searching the contents of laptop computers “without susipcion of wrongdoing.” the complaint asserts that “electronic devices like laptops, ‘smart’ phones, and external data storage devices hold vast amounts of personal […]

“We were prepared to go to court and sue if they did not put them up. Having a gun is a constitutional right.”

Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, speaking about ads promoting gun ownership that his organization succesfully placed at the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency’s busstops despite the Agency’s policy of not promoting guns. Ironically, earlier this year the MTA had forced the makers of the movie “The Other Guys” starring Mark Wahlberg and […]