Marijuana, prohibition and state's rights.

The recent failure in California to legalize marijuana for recreational use (Proposition 19) got us talking at the National Constitution Center.  Just before voters headed to the polls, Attorney General Eric Holder made it clear that if the law passed, the national authorities would still enforce the federal laws.  Exactly how could a state consider […]

Featured Guest Blogger Witold J. Walczak

Two Cases Before the Third Circuit Raise the Question: Just How Far Can Public Schools go in Policing “off-campus” Speech? As we react to the (merciful) end to one of the nastiest campaign seasons in memory, no one is suggesting that we should resort to censorship of political candidates. People are rightfully debating whether allowing […]

How to thank a soldier

Today at the White House, President Obama is scheduled to award Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta his Medal of Honor, the first time the nation’s highest military award has been bestowed on a living soldier since Vietnam.