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Is bipartisanship anything more than a buzzword?

What do Starbucks, Seinfeld, and Congress have in common? They all know that compromise and bipartisanship are the way forward. With the fiscal cliff looming, it will take a true spirit of bipartisanship to keep the economy from faltering. But with a divided Congress and White House still seemingly at odds, is all this talk […]

“Can we talk” about the equal rights amendment?

As the country examines the tone of political dialogue, Alison Young provides a regular commentary under the title “Can We Talk? A Conversation about Civility and Democracy in America” exploring the current state of public discourse and civility in American politics. March is women’s history month, and any conversation about the progress of women in […]

“Can we talk” about contraception?

There have long been partisan, political and theological divides on issues involving women’s health, insurance mandates, workplace privacy and contraception. Last week they ran a collision course over the dispute on whether insurance coverage for contraception could be required for female employees at organizations with religious affiliations.