Oct 18

Does the First Amendment protect hate speech on Facebook?

Posted 6 months, 1 day ago.


Amy Feldman from the Judge Group looks at a story making national headlines about a fatal bullying incident on Facebook, and if the First Amendment protects hate speech on the Internet.

Sep 16

Civil liberties trumped policies in Abercrombie headscarf case

Posted 7 months, 3 days ago.


Contributor Amy E. Feldman looks at a recent federal court decision that ruled against Abercrombie & Fitch for firing a teenage Muslim worker for wearing a headscarf, or hijab.

Aug 8

Two students keep winning cancer bracelet battle in courts

Posted 8 months, 12 days ago.


Contributor Amy E. Feldman looks at a case involving free speech, public school students, and the display of plastic wrist bracelets in class.

Aug 7

Gluten-free product labeling and the First Amendment

Posted 8 months, 13 days ago.


How can the FDA tell a private company what’s gluten free without violating the First Amendment? Amy E. Feldman looks at why commercial speech is limited.

Jul 29

Third Amendment suit questions police fridge-raiding tactics

Posted 8 months, 22 days ago.


A rare Third Amendment lawsuit pits a Las Vegas-area man against police who he claims acted like a bunch of rampaging Redcoats in his apartment.