Oct 10

Constitution Check: Should only U.S. citizens serve on juries?

Posted 6 months, 10 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at an issue that California is debating: If noncitizens are considered “persons” under the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of legal equality, should they have the right to serve on juries?

Oct 9

Constitution Check: Is a new revolution on campaign finance stirring?

Posted 6 months, 11 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at Tuesday’s arguments in the McCutcheon case and if there were signs the Court may act in a revolutionary way in setting campaign finance restrictions.

Oct 3

Constitution Check: Are benefits the key to equal marriage rights?

Posted 6 months, 17 days ago.


Lyle Denniston explains how a New Jersey judge’s decision provides a potential legal template for other courts in other states to decide marriage-equality questions.

Oct 1

Constitution Check: Does the federal government have a constitutional duty to stay open?

Posted 6 months, 19 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at the question of a constitutional obligation to avoid a partial federal government shutdown, and how James Madison would view the situation

Sep 26

The Constitution Outside the Courts: California Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski

Posted 6 months, 24 days ago.


Today’s Constitution-maker is a member of the California state legislature who led the effort to win passage of a bill to extend jury service to non-citizens who have a permanent legal right to live in the United States.