Jun 25

Constitution Check: Is “affirmative action” in constitutional trouble?

Posted 9 months, 28 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at the specific judicial obstacle course that a college’s use of race must now run before gaining constitutional validity.

Jun 21

Constitution Check: Can the government use money to control what private groups say?

Posted 10 months, 2 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at the Supreme Court’s role in deciding if Congress can control how people or organizations spend money from federal programs.

Jun 18

Constitution Check: How much power do states have to control who gets to vote?

Posted 10 months, 6 days ago.


Lyle Denniston explains why Congress and the states both came away with something after Monday’s decision about voting qualifications in Arizona.

Jun 14

Constitution Check: Has the ACLU cleared a big hurdle to challenging secret spying?

Posted 10 months, 9 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at two new lawsuits about government surveillance that may force federal courts to think more deeply as to just what kind of evidence can be considered in a national security case.

Jun 11

Constitution Check: Will the courts put limits on the government’s electronic spying?

Posted 10 months, 12 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at why it is an exaggeration to say that the nation’s judicial branch has given the federal government’s electronic surveillance programs a constitutional pass.