Jun 6

Constitution Check: Does the government have the power to limit caffeine in food products?

Posted 10 months, 18 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at an FDA review of foods and drinks that contain caffeine consumed by younger people, and how a 100-year-old Supreme Court decision may affect its outcome.

Jun 4

Constitution Check: What are the limits on police testing of DNA?

Posted 10 months, 20 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at the unanswered questions from the Supreme Court’s ruling on DNA swabbing of criminal suspects, including limits on what the police can do and which people can see the results.

May 30

Constitution Check: Is the government too big for checks and balances?

Posted 10 months, 25 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at claims that a “fourth branch” of the government is putting a bureaucratic stranglehold on the other three branches, as well as state governments.

May 29

Constitution Check: Will drone policy be tested in court?

Posted 10 months, 26 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at the latest turn in a lawsuit over the deaths of three American citizens killed by drones as part of the war on terrorism.

May 23

Constitution Check: Can news-gathering be prosecuted as a crime?

Posted 11 months, 2 days ago.


Lyle Denniston examines the argument, made by some, that reporters can be tried under the Espionage Act for seeking out the news about a classified program.