Apr 1

Constitution Check: Do college athletes have a right to be paid a salary?

Posted 16 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at claims by the NCAA that the desire of Northwestern University football players to unionize should be decided by the Supreme Court.

Mar 26

Analysis: If Justice Kennedy writes the Hobby Lobby decision…

Posted 22 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at how Justice Anthony Kennedy could settle the Hobby Lobby case, based on some clues from Tuesday’s Supreme Court arguments.

Mar 25

Constitution Check: Does the Fourth Amendment protect the privacy of telephone conversations?

Posted 23 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at recent remarks by Justice Antonin Scalia that the Fourth Amendment might not prevent the government from listening to your phone calls.

Mar 18

Constitution Check: Does the First Amendment require live broadcasts of the Supreme Court?

Posted 1 month, 0 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at the debate over televising Supreme Court proceedings and how a recent incident at the Court may have highlighted a potential problem with live broadcasts.

Mar 13

The Constitution Outside the Courts: Senator Dianne Feinstein

Posted 1 month, 5 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at Americans who help shape the meaning of the Constitution in the nation’s life. Today’s Constitution-maker is Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat and the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.