Oct 16

Five things to watch as the debt-ceiling fight comes to a head

Posted 6 months, 5 days ago.


The drama in Washington over the partial government shutdown and debt-ceiling deadline is coming to a head today. Here’s a look at the key moments to look for in this ongoing story.

Oct 14

Sequester returns as major obstacle in debt-ceiling compromise

Posted 6 months, 7 days ago.


A key part of the fiscal cliff drama last January, across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester, are now a big obstacle in preventing a deal in Washington about the debt ceiling and government shutdown.

Oct 11

Polls show Americans really, really unhappy with Congress

Posted 6 months, 10 days ago.


Congress had to know voters wouldn’t be happy with a government shutdown and a debt-ceiling crisis. But two recent polls show many Americans would fire all of Congress, or lobby for a new political party.

Oct 9

Could the deal to end shutdown and debt crisis happen on Halloween?

Posted 6 months, 12 days ago.


As politicians in Washington appear to be stuck in neutral about the shutdown and debt ceiling crises, there’s growing speculation that Halloween will be the ultimate deadline for a final deal.

Oct 8

A look at the Justice Antonin Scalia’s most unusual word choices

Posted 6 months, 13 days ago.


Justice Antonin Scalia is known for his well-written Supreme Court opinions and his obscure word choices. Here’s a look at the some Scaliaisms, which may also come in handy if you’re stuck in a word-playing game.