Aug 5

Senators ponder if bloggers deserve First Amendment protection

Posted 8 months, 20 days ago.


As the U.S. Senate continues to debate a national law to protect journalists from protecting their sources, two Senators believe unpaid bloggers and websites like WikiLeaks shouldn’t get extended First Amendment protections.

Aug 2

So does Congress actually get three months of vacation each year?

Posted 8 months, 23 days ago.


With the Senate and House getting ready for an August recess, with little progress on important legislation, some critics say politicians should stay in D.C. And that begs a bigger question: How much vacation do politicians get anyway?

Aug 1

A remarkable day in the story of Internet privacy

Posted 8 months, 24 days ago.


Four significant events on Wednesday have pushed the public debate about government surveillance and Internet privacy to new levels—and have led to new questions about the NSA and its spying activities.

Jul 31

New documents show more details about phone surveillance

Posted 8 months, 25 days ago.


Formerly classified government documents on phone surveillance, released on the eve of a Senate hearing, show that Justice Department and the NSA took safeguards to protect phone and e-mail records, but there were “compliance issues” in bulk data-collection programs.

Jul 30

Why Manning’s aiding the enemy charge was so important

Posted 8 months, 26 days ago.


Private Bradley Manning faced 21 charges in his court-martial, but it was one specific charge – aiding the enemy—that became the focus of months of coverage by a concerned media.