Jul 19

Police photos of your license plates and the Fourth Amendment

Posted 9 months, 1 day ago.


Can the police really take photos of your car’s license plates and store them for years in a database? A new report from the American Civil Liberties Union is sparking a broader debate about the idea, which has potential Fourth Amendment ramifications.

Jul 17

Embattled secret court may not spill some secrets after all

Posted 9 months, 3 days ago.


A secret government court that reviews government surveillance requests is ready to reveal some inner workings, but will they make sense after a Justice Department editing job?

Jul 15

Why the Senate can’t filibuster to save the filibuster

Posted 9 months, 5 days ago.


U.S. Senate history could be made on Tuesday if a last-second deal to save the filibuster can’t be reached. So why can’t Republicans just launch a filibuster to save the historic procedural move?

Jul 12

An advance look at one of the next big Supreme Court cases

Posted 9 months, 8 days ago.


The Supreme Court is on its summer break, but there is already talk about a big case next year that could set a new precedent for the separation of church and state.

Jul 10

Why the constitutional option on the filibuster matters

Posted 9 months, 10 days ago.


Majority leader Harry Reid is edging closer to ending the filibuster in the Senate for some types of votes. So why does the nuclear or constitutional option about the filibuster matter so much?