Apr 24

TV news anchors, cursing, and the First Amendment

Posted 11 months, 29 days ago.


Aspiring news anchor A.J. Clemente was fired after cursing on live television and became a national celebrity in a 72-hour time span. So what happens to the station that aired his indecent words?

Apr 23

Internet sales tax battle royale shaping up in Congress

Posted 12 months, 0 days ago.


Most Americans could pay more local and state sales taxes on items they buy online if pro-tax forces win a fight in Congress underway this week. But will the bill run afoul of the same constitutional problem that affected the health care decision last June?

Apr 22

Congress pushes for ‘Internet Freedom’ as U.N. showdown looms

Posted 12 months, 2 days ago.


The House is pushing forward in an effort to block a United Nations-related group from potentially allowing countries to censor the Internet, before an international showdown this fall.

Apr 19

Could the gun control issue influence the 2016 election?

Posted 1 year, 0 months ago.


The Democrats’ failure to secure gun control measures in the Senate is seen as a big victory for the GOP and gun rights groups. But in the long run, the ongoing battle over weapons regulations could play a part in the next presidential race.

Apr 18

CISPA, the Fourth Amendment, and you

Posted 1 year, 0 months ago.


Overshadowed by congressional action on guns and immigration is an Internet privacy bill that could affect most Americans, without them knowing it on a daily basis.