Feb 7

A legal victory for drones warrants a Fourth Amendment discussion

Posted 2 months, 13 days ago.


A recent legal decision in North Dakota that used evidence against an American citizen using a drone – and gathered without a warrant – raises some interesting arguments about the Fourth Amendment in the 21st century.

Feb 5

Common misunderstandings about Miranda warnings

Posted 2 months, 15 days ago.


The Miranda warning comes from one of the biggest legal cases of the 1960s–and thanks to countless arrest scenes in TV and movies, it’s one of the best-known applications of the Fifth Amendment. But what you don’t know about Miranda could be more significant than you think.

Jan 31

The man who wrote the words “We The People”

Posted 2 months, 20 days ago.


Today marks the birth of maybe the most colorful of all the Founding Fathers. It was Gouverneur Morris who put the finishing touches on the Constitution in 1787, and gave the words “We The People” to all Americans.

Jan 29

A tale of two presidential big cheeses

Posted 2 months, 22 days ago.


The White House is doing its own version of Big Block of Cheese Day on Wednesday, where citizens get to ask the administration questions about almost anything on social media. But did you know there were not one, but two, historical “big cheeses” this media event is based on?

Jan 28

The ugly fight over Louis Brandeis’ Supreme Court nomination

Posted 2 months, 23 days ago.


On January 28, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson nominated the successful Boston attorney Louis Brandeis to the Supreme Court. Although Brandeis is a mostly revered figure today, his battle to get a seat at the Court was ugly and hard-fought