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How would the Mayans handle the fiscal cliff?

All things Mayan are getting a lot of publicity this week, and one topic we’ve tossed around is how would such an advanced society handle a current problem: the fiscal cliff scenario? In reality, researchers are discovering new clues and facts about the Maya every day, and no one knows for sure how they would […]

More signs that the fiscal cliff seems unavoidable

Events were moving quickly on Thursday that indicated a fiscal cliff solution would almost certainly be delayed until next year, after John Boehner made a high-stakes move in the House. House speaker John Boehner was moving forward with a politically risky vote on Thursday night to pass two bills that would hike taxes on millionaires […]

Why gun control, fiscal cliff issues are on collision course

Congress now faces two critical issues with an early January deadline, gun violence and the fiscal cliff, which could lead to an extraordinary session to start off the New Year. An intersection of the two hot-button issues is the prospect of deep cuts to the nation’s mental health system. But also on the radar is […]

Tragedy shows sometimes people aren’t protected from the press

The Constitution’s First Amendment protects the freedom of the press. But the reporting errors in the Sandy Hook tragedy show that people aren’t protected from the press, in certain cases. There was mass media confusion on Friday about the facts related to the Connecticut shooting that took 26 lives, including those of 20 elementary schoolchildren. […]