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The Dinner-Party Compromise that Resolved a Debt Crisis (And Gave Us Washington, D.C.)

It’s been reported that President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner are set to play a friendly round of golf on June 18th. While this might strike some as a unique approach to solving our debt crisis, hosting social engagements to discuss political matters is nothing new.

The Daily Show: Watch Trustee Richard Beeman on Separation of Church and State [VIDEO]

National Constitution Center Trustee and University of Pennsylvania Professor Richard Beeman was the featured guest on last night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart to talk about the separation of church and state. Teacher’s corner Here is the text of the Fourteenth Amendment and a discussion on the incorporation doctrine in which the Supreme Court has […]

They lived loudly for liberty, a tribute to two founding mothers on Mother’s Day

Martha Washington and Abigail Adams are two of the most well-known and admired women from the American Revolution. Yet these founding mothers made very different choices when the lure of liberty called their husbands to leadership positions. Motherhood and their distinctive seasons in life influenced the decisions they made.