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Constitution Check: Is it unconstitutional to require voters to have a photo ID?

If photo ID requirements are going to be struck down, it would probably be either under the guarantee of legal equality under the Fourteenth Amendment, or under one of two provisions in the 1965 Voting Rights Act which seek to assure voter equality.

“I believe that long after people have left my classes and forgotten what I have tried to teach them I want them to have the 14th Amendment floating around in their heads… when people have protested the denial of civil rights and civil liberties and claimed equal protection under the law, it’s the 14th Amendment […]

2011 PJP Fellow Andrew Hedlund asks: Does the mere imposition of a debt ceiling violate the 14th Amendment?

Section Four of the Fourteenth Amendment asserts that “the validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law…shall not be questioned.” So, does President Obama really need to get Congressional approval to raise the debt ceiling? Andrew Hedlund, a 2009 PJP Fellow and a student at Arizona State University, published this discussion […]