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The Advent of “Maternity Tourism”

OFFICIALS CLOSE A CALIFORNIA HOME THAT BIRTHED “AMERICAN CITIZENS” TO ASIAN WOMEN VISITING THE US; AN ISOLATED INSTANCE OR A NEW TREND? Today’s New York Times features a story about a makeshift maternity home in San Gabriel, CA, twenty miles from Los Angeles. For fees ranging into thousands of dollars, the home offered well-to-do women […]

Finally, Reason Prevails: My State Rejects Five Immigration Bills That Would Have Been Ruled Unconstitutional Anyway

By Andrew Hedlund, 2011 Collegiate Fellow Thankfully, the Arizona state Senate rejected five major immigration bills this week. This was a victory for Constitution-lovers everywhere because several provisions of these bills stood in direct conflict with the 14th Amendment to the federal constitution and with precedent-setting Supreme Court decisions. Senate Bills 1308 and 1309 would […]


IN OPPOSING OP-EDS TWO IMMIGRATION ACTIVISTS SET THE PLATFORM FOR A CLASH THIS SATURDAY AT THE FIFTH ANNUAL PETER JENNINGS PROJECT EVENTLike so many constitutional questions, this one comes down to language. The 14th amendment declares that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of […]