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NCAA’s power at heart of Corbett’s lawsuit over Penn State

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is taking the National Collegiate Athletic Association to federal court in a case that could have far-reaching effects beyond the Penn State child-abuse scandal. Initially, there were reports that the state would challenge the NCAA directly on federal antitrust grounds, and while that may happen at some point, officials only said […]

Update: Instagram gives in on privacy issues

The photosharing service Instagram will change key parts of its new privacy policy, which had enraged some of its 100 million users with its proposed use of member photos in paid ads. News spread quickly online on Monday that Instagram had updated its privacy policy to give it a non-exclusive license to use your photos […]

Report: GOP to try own tax hike as cliff talks stall again

Just hours after there was a reported breakthrough in fiscal cliff negotiations, there were signs on Tuesday that the GOP will move forward with a proposed tax hike, without involving the Democrats. Politico and The Hill said House Speaker John Boehner was preparing a bill that called for a tax hike on households making more […]