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Should people making false statements during political campaigns face jail time?

Posted 29 days ago.


In one of the more unusual cases coming to the Supreme Court next month, the Justices will hear a case about an Ohio law designed to keep people from making false statements during political campaigns, under the threat of fines and jail time.

Supreme Court Justices to ponder New Mexico photographer case

Posted 1 month, 1 day ago.


Later this week, Supreme Court will review a highly publicized case about a New Mexico photographer who refused to shoot a same-sex commitment ceremony. If accepted, the case would be heard in the Court’s next term, starting in October.

Congressional lawsuits against Obama would face steep hurdles

Posted 1 month, 4 days ago.


This week, the House of Representatives approved a bill to fast track civil lawsuits filed by Congress against President Barack Obama for allegedly abusing his powers. The bill does raise some interesting constitutional questions, but it also faces steep challenges.

Video: Ezekiel Emanuel on Health Care Reform

Posted 1 month, 11 days ago.


Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the principal architects of President Obama’s health care reform act, visited the National Constitution Center on Thursday to unveil his newest book, “Reinventing American Health Care.”

Discrimination, Inc.

Posted 1 month, 18 days ago.


David H. Gans from the Constitutional Accountability Center argues in this commentary that the recent controversy over Arizona’s proposed Religious Freedom law changes are linked to challenges to the Affordable Care Act.