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Reports: Privacy bill CISPA shut down in Senate

Posted 11 months, 22 days ago.


A controversial bill approved by the House that could let online companies share users’ personal information with the federal government won’t be considered for a Senate vote, according to reports on Monday.

VIDEO: The Daily Show on Fox News and a “weak Constitution”

Posted 11 months, 23 days ago.


It’s not news that The Daily Show is criticizing Fox News, but this week one segment took a distinctly constitutional turn.

How can a segregated prom still exist?

Posted 11 months, 26 days ago.


Contributor Amy E. Feldman looks at how a segregated high school prom can take place, nearly 60 years after a series of historic Supreme Court decisions.

Constitution Check: Can Congress override state and local gun control laws?

Posted 11 months, 27 days ago.


Lyle Denniston looks at the challenges of passing a federal law that would guarantee the right of someone to carry a concealed gun as they travel between states.

TV news anchors, cursing, and the First Amendment

Posted 11 months, 28 days ago.


Aspiring news anchor A.J. Clemente was fired after cursing on live television and became a national celebrity in a 72-hour time span. So what happens to the station that aired his indecent words?