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Constitution Check: Does denial of TV coverage of the Supreme Court violate the First Amendment?

Lyle Denniston canvasses the history of the apparently unending debate—with constitutional overtones—about television broadcasting of Supreme Court proceedings. The statements at issue: “The First Amendment has nothing to do with whether we have to televise our proceedings.” – Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in a comment during an interview on the cable TV network C-SPAN, […]

Constitution Check: Does Congress have the authority to require universities to monitor campus crimes?

Lyle Denniston examines a claim that the federal Clery Act, a 21-year-old law designed to improve college campus security, is beyond Congress’s legislative powers. The federal government is now investigating whether Penn State University violated the Clery Act by failing to deal with a years-long sex scandal in its football program. The statements at issue: […]

Constitution Check: Do political donors have a right to remain anonymous?

Lyle Denniston explores the new debate over attempts in Congress to force public disclosure of donors to presidential and congressional election campaigns. The statements at issue: “I think Thomas Jefferson would have said the more speech, the better. That’s what the First Amendment is all about. So long as the people know where speech is […]