Feb 2

Constitution Check: Should the people be able to veto Supreme Court decisions?

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago.


Aside from the sometimes heated rhetoric recently in the Republican presidential race about “dictatorial” judges, there is an ongoing, civil discourse about various ways to ensure that the Supreme Court does not have the last word on the Constitution’s meaning.

Jan 10

Constitution Check: Can the Senate block the President’s appointment powers?

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago.


The dispute between the former government legal officials and the President’s spokesman – a dispute that has now widened well beyond those combatants – is one of those constitutional controversies that remain truly unsettled even 225 years after the founding document was written.

Nov 24

Thanking Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt for Thanksgiving football

Posted 2 years, 4 months ago.


Thanksgiving football is like the Thanksgiving turkey: It’s a tradition, it’s huge, and there is more than enough to go around.

Nov 23

Anything can happen when politics and sports mix

Posted 2 years, 4 months ago.


Some things in life simply cannot go together: oil and water, vinegar and baking soda, and sometimes, politics and sports.

Sep 14

3 bully lessons in leadership for President Obama from Teddy Roosevelt

Posted 2 years, 7 months ago.


Obama’s supporters probably would like to see a leadership style that is more Medal of Honor and less Peace Prize.