Top 5 constitutional controversies from this week [VIDEO]

Judging by the rapid succession of “Constitution” Google Alert emails I’ve been getting the past few days, it’s been a really good week for my favorite founding document—or, depending on how you look at it, a really bad week.


A few days ago, the journalist Sebastian Junger visited West Point, where I am on the history faculty. He was there to show Restrepo, his documentary film about a U.S. Army combat team deployed on a dangerous assignment in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan, and then do an on-stage interview with me in front of […]

Five Questions to Ask About the Killing of Bin Laden

1. Why not capture him? In fact, the administration says the plan was to capture Bin Laden if he did not offer any resistance, though officials considered it unlikely that he would give himself up. Still, the question is tantalizing: if he had not offered resistance and the Seals had taken him alive and brought […]